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Grow your influence

and stay top of mind!

Optimize your "findability" Online.

Get ON-camera

feeling ready and confident!


I received the Silver Button from YouTube for reaching 100,000 subscribers. I would not have been able to do this without Diana and For Productions. Creating videos has open many opportunities, and I recommend her and her team any time! 

Maria Marin
Influencer, Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author.
With more than 10 million followers on her social platforms

We all find videos more engaging, more memorable, and more attractive than any other type of content out there.

If you want to increase conversion and exposure, consistent video content is the way to go.

and see if this program is right for you!

This program is designed for COACHES, SPEAKERS, AUTHORS, and


Looking to amplify and accelerate their mission, visibility, and leads

with the power of VIDEO CONTENT.

Get more clarity on your messaging and learn how to package it with VIDEO.

Get a "FOCUS GROUP" experience - that will support your journey.

Create proven content ideas that remove the guesswork when creating VIDEO!

Discover what to say in your videos - and activate your

self-expression ON CAMERA!

Get a video marketing strategy that is aligned with your values, and audience!

Discover your unique KEYWORDS  and get found on online searches.

Discover fresh new ideas to share your brand story, mission, and vision.

Film professional video. (Makeup, Wardrobe, Lights, Camera, ACTION!)

Discover a FUN way to share your brand, play, and amplify your mission with VIDEO!

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and see if this program is right for you!

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PS - "Video Influence Program" was formally known as "Game Plan For Game Changers" and originally known as
"How To Use Video To Grow Your Brand" *** this program is over 4 years old, and it has evolved, and it will continue to evolve***

If you are looking for someone to take care of all the “busy” work

that is involved in content creation.

This program is for you!

Upcoming dates 2022


27th, 28th, 29th


21st, 22nd, 23th

I have been stuck for 3 years trying to understand/create content for my business and in just one day you pulled & inspired me not only to understand BUT to have the ability to create content, for me this is huge and I cant thank you enough!!!!!  

Riguhey Ortiz - Testimonial

Riguhey Ortiz

VIDEO INFLUENCE PROGRAM will Transform Your Business and it’s Officially OPEN for Enrollment!!

Because honoring your entrepreneurial journey is how we roll... we created 3 different ways you can join our program... 

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and see if this program is right for you!


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